Option Bot Software Review

Last updated on: February 14, 2014

From the streams of products that are out there, we found another wonder working type that works well. The option bot software is a product that works perfectly well for anyone wishing to go into binary option trading.

Option bot took over a season to create and provides you the customer with precise real-time economical information so that you can make more successful deals regularly. Option bot looks for important ways up and downward styles and signals the customer need as to when this happens.

Enabling the customer to position an informed business that is in past statistics more likely to win. Following this simple idea of how option bot software works, you will become a successful online expert in the field of binary option trading. It is really a good product.

Product Features:

  • Win more trades
  • Trade on multiple platforms at once
  • Get free financial data feeds that can typically cost $54  plus in a month
  • Fully customizable alert parameters.

The option bot is so easy to use that anyone can begin to make effective deals immediately and there is no need for any exercising, and you do not need to be excellent with figures. You can use real option bot in any way that you think will be an advantage to you. There is no other application that comes near the energy of option bot and if you adhere to the three easy actions it gives, you will see how efficient this application operates.

So how much is this application going to cost me? With respect to the seven-day test provide, you can purchase a lifetime certificate for just $97 for single customer and $197 for professional customers which allow endless use. There is more, the vendor also provide a 60 day refund warranty.

Click Here to visit the official Option Bot website

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Legit Online Jobs Review

Last updated on: February 13, 2014

Legit online jobs have become a big product selling in the market at the moment, with the ton of scam actions that have been attached alongside this program they make it look horrible but it’s not. But much attention or second thought should be given towards this aspect of jobs from home.

Product Features:

  • 1000s of work at home jobs
  • No experience required
  • Work from any computer worldwide
  • Make real money from home

When talking about legit online jobs, it is clear to give people that are disabled, job seekers, nagging mom and many individuals wishing to work from home this opportunity. Among the large crowd of work from home syndrome, legit online jobs have been proved to become perfect for clients wishing this platform operation though it has a small onetime fee for making the system work well for you. Many websites that claim to place people wishing to have jobs from home have failed blatantly as scams, but Checking out the vendors site of this product will show the basic need of working from home without difficulty.

The basic features of this product are simple to understand. Simply insert you email and name to gain access to their newsletter. After this process, you will go through a step-by-step guide to get registered and start working in the comfort of your own home. Legit online jobs is different because of the money back guarantee refund that is given to individuals that wish to drawback from the system. They are real and will continue to give clients the best from their system time and time again. If your quest is to work from home, legit online jobs is the best option to hook on. Using this platform will bring the best of work from home experience that you will ever need.

visit the official Legit Online Jobs website

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Income Infuser

Last updated on: June 2, 2013

So you’ve been surfing the web and come across a certain program called Income Infuser which promises you wealth within the first three months of using it. How on earth could you possibly say no to such an opportunity!

Income Infuser scam is among one of the best crafted frauds on the internet at the moment and hopefully you won’t be one of the fools who gets dragged into their web of lies and deceit. Although the entire design may seem legit, anyone who has a little experience on the internet will be able to notice how badly this website resembles every other scam landing page online.

Upon opening up the Income Infuser website, you will notice a seemingly cool video. This may get you thinking that the creator of the Income Infuser program has invested quite some time and money into building the landing page. So who is behind the Income Infuser scam? Darren Salkeld is the creator of Income Infuser as well as another scam that has been floating around on the internet called Instant Income Plan.

Just like his first money making scheme, the Income Infuser will not stop at the initial payment of $47. In fact, after you pay this fee, you will be brought to other cool looking videos and more landing pages asking you to spend thousands of dollars to become an actual member of his “elite” group. If you get looped into paying the thousands of dollars that he asks for, you will then have to spend hundreds of dollars for the rights to use his landing pages as an official affiliate.

That’s right, the Income Infuser program is nothing more than an affiliate network program where you will have a slim to nothing chance of even making a dime. The only way you can make any sort of money is by roping others into the scam so that you can break even. Investing in this the Income Infuser scam is just like burning your money in a fire pit and hoping to win the lottery. Darren Salkeld even goes as far as stating on his landing pages that thetestimonials on his website are far from realistic and only the extraordinary exceptions could ever hope to make that kind of money. Let this be a warning to all of you, Darren Salkeld is a scammer and his Income Infuser program is a debt waiting to happen.

Furthermore, the main focus of his program after investing thousands of dollars relies on the ClickBank program. ClickBank is a free affiliate marketing network where you will never have to pay a dime. Salkeld tries telling you how you can succeed more easily with ClickBank affiliate links; the program is nothing more than that. So the final decision lies in your hands, but if I were you, I’d avoid any existing or future program with the name Darren Salkeld as the promoter. Income Infuser deserves its spot in our long list of scams.

Click Here to view the official Income Infuser website.

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eProfits Review

Last updated on: June 2, 2013

Legitimate work at home jobs are difficult to find, and eProfits is definitely not one of them. If you have clicked on a link in an email recently and it has brought you to this website, you should avoid it! The eProfits program promises you that you will be able to become financially free by learning how to make easy money online. They tell you that you will be able to learn exactly how to make money online by using blogs, social networking methods and more. They even provide you with your very own website so that you can begin making money immediately.

Although these are the promises that are made, the promises are not kept. The eProfits website is just another work at home scam that takes more money than expected from your credit card without giving you the work promised. When we first purchased the 3-day trial membership at $4.95, they actually charged the credit card for $8.95. This would have been alright if we were satisfied with the membership plan. However, none of the information provided was useful in any way possible. The ‘so called’ expert courses seem to have been put together in a matter of minutes and are certainly not going to help you make money online.

To make things worst, 2 days later, our credit card was charged an amount of $49.95. We didn’t even get the chance to test the full 3-day trial and they had already taken out the monthly fees. After they charged us the additional fee, we tried to contact their support team in order to cancel the payments. Now, before making the purchase the support team was extremely fast to respond to our questions, but once they had taken out the additional fees, we never heard from them again. We had to contact our credit card company in order to stop the payments, but when we called our credit card company, they told us that we had been charged a total of $139.85. EProfits is nothing more than another work at home scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Once we stopped the payments, we still had access to the program for a 30 day period so we figured that we would try it out regardless of the payment complications. At the moment of writing this review it is the 27th day of us using the program. We haven’t made a single penny with this program. Also, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the advertising in this program is flooded to a point that makes you want to throw your computer out the window. We were bombarded with ads from other companies which are probably their own affiliate links. They also try to sell you website advertising, SEO services and other website enhancements.

If you plan on making a career online, you don’t want to buy into the eProfits lies. Investing in this company was a big mistake that we made and hopefully we will help prevent you from making that same mistake. The sad part about this website is that it has a professional look to it which is sure to lure in a lot of clients. Unfortunately, the eProfits program has to be added to our list of internet scams.

We have also been told by a lot of people that the eProfits creators have been hacking email addresses and sending email ads with the hacked accounts. They send email advertisements to the contacts in the email addresses that they hack in order to make it look like the email is from a family member or friend. If you receive an email from a family member or friend that has a link in it and appears to be a fake or generic message, avoid it at all costs! Otherwise you may get your account hacked by them as well.

Click Here to view the eProfits official website.

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QuiBids Review

Last updated on: June 2, 2013

Penny auction sites have been all over the internet recently, but how trustworthy are they? These websites show you previously won auctions by seemingly everyday people who have bought product worth hundreds of dollars for a small chunk of change.

Dont be fooled by these previously won auctions!

Penny bids are the newest scam on the internet and although they actually have some of the products that they sell, you will never get them for just a few dollars. This review focuses on one of the mainstream penny bids website online; QuiBids.

Youve probably seen some of its advertising on the internet where youre shown a small video that was taken from the news and the reporters tell you how amazing and innovative this website is. Once again, dont buy into these ridiculous claims. QuiBids works in a way that is different from other auction sites such as eBay because you have to purchase bids.

For example, you can buy $25 worth of bids and use them to hopefully win a product. Each auction has a timer which starts with just a few minutes and once the timer ends, the final bidder wins the product at the final price (according to the amount of bids).

Every time a person bids on a product, it goes up by one penny. However, once the timer gets down to 10 seconds, it will start back at 10 seconds every time that there is a new bid. This causes endless bids to be placed.

Now if this was the only downside of QuiBids and similar penny auction sites, it wouldnt be so bad. However, QuiBids uses bots to automatically bid when the auction timer gets low. This forces you to have to use several bids even if nobody else is physically bidding. Now we can safely place QuiBids in our list of scams, but there is more.

The QuiBids bots make sure that very little amounts of people can actually win products and when they do win them, the price is much higher than when the bots win the auctions. It is possible to win, but just like gambling in a casino, bidding at QuiBids is very risky.

Furthermore, when you win virtual products such as iTunes gift cards or vouchers, you will have to pay a shipping and handling fee. This alone is completely ridiculous since the product requires no shipping and is sent to you online.

I suggest that you stay far away from these penny auction sites and dont buy into their false auction winnings. In the end, you will end up paying much more money on bids than you would if you were to simply purchase the product in a store.

Click Here to view the QuiBids official website.

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Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Last updated on: March 13, 2014

Another ‘get rich quick’ scheme has been floating around the web recently and its name is Coffee Shop Millionaire. At first glance it seems legit, especially if you have taken a look at the various Coffee Shop Millionaire reviews online. Many of the existing reviews give it a decent grade because of the actual content that this product contains.

The truth is, the Coffee Shop Millionaire product contains helpful information on how to start up various online businesses. The information given can be found in various formats including videos, interviews with successful affiliate marketers, tutorials and step by step guides on how to get started. This information seems good, but in reality the information delivers nothing that was initially promised.

The landing page has nothing but fake promises along with overuse of hype tactics so that members will hopefully sign up. The product costs $37 and if you leave the page you will be offered a $10 discount. $27 seems like a very decent amount of money to pay and if that were the price for all of the material you get then it would truly be worth it. However, Coffee Shop Millionaire reviews don’t tell you about the hidden fees, but we will. Once you purchase this product, you are told that you will have to pay an additional $147 in order to access it in its entirety.

By this point most people will probably realize that they just spent $37 on a fraud product and turn around, but some go ahead and pay the other amount. Don’t pay the $147! This isn’t a turnkey system and you won’t be making ClickBank profits like they show you. Coffee Shop Millionaire gives you details on how you can eventually make a low income career after spending months and even years of hard work.

This product made it to our list of scams because it has fraud written all over it from the moment you stumble upon the intro video. We tried it and actually applied the lessons for a few weeks with still no success. If we can’t make this program work then someone with no internet knowledge will certainly struggle.

The main way to make money with this system is by building an email database and promoting your affiliate links through these emails. They show you a few tricks on how to build your email list, but once you again you will have to spend months of working 80 hours a week in order to make a small income. Once the full payment is made you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own website from their domain company.

Coffee Shop Millionaire has to be avoided; there are so many trustworthy products out there that you need to avoid this scam no matter how great the landing page seems to be. Check out our products section to find a list of legitimate products that help you build an online business.

view the Coffee Shop Millionaire official website.

Here are some legitimate alternatives:

Ewen Chia’s Fast Track

How I Made £1Million Pounds

Lets Make Money Online

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