Strip That Fat Review

Last updated on: February 13, 2014

At present, the weight loss industry is a broad format, you can really make huge and big money from it. The product is a new type that has stormed the internet in a big way and converting perfectly well. The appearance of the landing page of this product is really professional and clear.

Strip that fat from your body is a product that is basically made to remove extra content of fat deposited in you. In case you have having excess fat in your body, using the product strip that fat will solve the issue. It contains eBook and online diet generators that will help you discover the secret of getting excess fat from the body.

The basic message of strip that fat is removing any excess layers from the adipose tissue. It has been proved to be a real product without any scam action attached with it. Many people have been fooled with programs of this nature, but the end of it all is negative. With the strength and attention of real strip that fat product, you can be assured of making the best time and again.

There is referral or affiliate program attached with it. This is a plus for those that can advertise the product to people. Making contact with friends, relatives, lovers and many more to gain bonus. The product comes with great commission fees for allowing clients to buy from the copies available.

On a real note, strip that fat is never counted as scam product. It is listed among the real product that ClickBank put on sale by vendors to make extra income at the moment. Like we all know that the weight loss industry is gaining more attention these days. So working or using this product will give you the prospect in the weight loss industry.

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Last updated on: August 11, 2013

We recently received a review request for a website called Being a male, dresses are not exactly my strong point, so I researched the website in depth and I came upon a person who helped me out greatly with this review. The person in question was downgrading DressesShop online and calling it a 100% scam. After contacting this person, she felt relieved to know that I would help her out by warning others about their fraudulent ways. She immediately decided to send me the online receipts, photos of the dress she was supposed to receive along with photos of the dress she did receive.

Although I know little about dresses, it was obvious that the dress she received was of much cheaper quality than the dress announced on the DressesShop web page. She had ordered a mini-skirt dress that was actually worn by a celebrity that originally retailled at over $500. At she only paid $175 including the shipping and handling fees. This places the retail price at DressesShop below the cost to manufacture the dress. Even the strongest business in the world would never be able to support a business that sells products below the manufacturing cost.

In fact, every single dress sold at this website is sold below the manufacturing cost.This makes DressesShop a scam because not only do they create their dresses using cheaper labour, but they also use cheaper material and fabrics. The dress that arrived waspoorly tailored, it had uneven stitching and even the color of the dress was off. Now, if the dresses sold at DressesShop would at least be wearable, it wouldn’t be a complete loss. However, the dress that i saw still had the tags on it and seemed brand new, but it was hidious. If you’re looking for an expensive Halloween costume then you will love, but otherwise, I advise you to stay away from this scam dress company.

As usual I need several sources in order to place the scam label on a website. As I continued researching this product with reliable sources and by asking’s customers, I can strongly confirm that these dresses are cheap knock-off dresses. Even if you enjoy wearing knock-offs, this website should be avoided; they use the lowest quality of material on the market. They also provide you with a customized fitting feature which gives you the exact tailored size of your choice. This should spike the price right up, yet it barely changes anything which again, would place them bankrupt if they actually made quality dresses.

Don’t get fooled by the tons of good DressesShop reviews online. If you do a bit of research you will notice that the positive reviews for this website are very limited and they all look similar.The founder/scam artist who is behind put in a lot of effort into building this website and several others. Once again, don’t get fooled by the professionally designed web pages and the great deals. Below is a list of similar online dress scammers, which are probably all from the same scam artist.




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Free Laptop Scam Review

Last updated on: May 9, 2013

Have you ever come upon a website that offered to give you a free item without having to pay a single penny? These scam artists use a sneaky way to get you to invest money. These kinds of programs will normally appear as pop-ups in various websites or even in emails. You should never take these seriously because they have no products to send you and they are far from being legitimate businesses.

One way to make money online is by subscribing to paid surveys and every survey completed gives you a commission. The catch is that each survey requires you to pay a small amount of money. This makes it important for you to get others to fill out the surveys for you, otherwise you would be spending money to make money.

Well the free laptop/free iPod surveys are nothing more than a tactic to get you to complete their own surveys which will ultimately get them a commission. Every time you receive an email in your inbox stating that you can receive free items of high value such as television sets, laptops or MP3 players, you will now know that these are nothing more than scams. In order to complete the surveys you will have to give away a lot of personal information to unreliable sources. You will also have to pay small amounts (normally between $5 – $30) and in the end of the line, you will never receive your promised item.

To make things even more interesting, some of these scam artists will even enter you into either a fake or real sweepstakes. This means that by completing the survey you will have a chance to win the free item. Although there actually be one laptop to give away, it surely isn’t worth risking you hard earned money on a slim to nothing chance.

The prizes are often too good to be true and this makes it much more interesting people to sign up. You will find these ridiculous free item offers all over the web and in various different forms.Some may offer to give you a $1000 Walmart gift card, others may promises an brand new iPad, but when you really think about it, how on earth could this be a profitable business for the people who create these giveaways? The answer is simple; these people don’t have businesses, they simply build a small website that anyone could build and then try to scam you out of your money.

Next time you see a free item offer, close the ad and ignore it entirely.

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Tesla Blueprint Review

Last updated on: October 19, 2013

Creating your very own power is a wonderful task because it helps you save money by not having to pay electrical bills and it gives you the ability to contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint on the earth. There are amazing products available on the internet that teach you exactly how to create green energy for the home, but the Tesla Blueprint is just another scam. Nikolai Tesla was a brilliant man who had tons of excellent creations, but the Tesla Blueprint does not hold the secret to his inventions. Although the Tesla generator does exist, the creators of the Tesla Blueprint money want nothing more than to take your money and never hear of you again. The Tesla Blueprint website comes off as a great product at first sight with an excellent landing page. However, the only reason that many people know about it is because they offer a great affiliate program.

I’m not writing this review in hopes of making a few dollars off of you; in fact, the link from this web page isn’t even an affiliate link for the Tesla Blueprint website. My goal is to help you avoid this website because it has scammed me and several others online. From the moment you open up the web page, you will notice that they have green energy scam written all over their website. They tell you that the secrets that they hold are top secret government documents and that their website could be shut down at any moment. This is simply a tactic to get you to purchase their product as soon as you see the web page. If they actually had top secret government documents that were over 90 years old, don’t you think that the government would shut down the website immediately? The website has been online for several months and the information that they have has nothign to do with the Tesla generator.

When purchasing their Tesla Generator eBook you will be sent a PDF document, but you will not have any support team to help you out. The technical support team becomes non-existent after purchasing the eBook and trust me; you’ll have a hard time understanding how to build their magical machine. The diagrams seem to have been designed by a 12 year old and the entire eBook is poorly written. You’ll find yourself scratching your head more often than not. Furthermore, the machine has nothing to do with what Nikolai Tesla actually spent his time studying and the eBook was taken from other green energy products with just a few minor changes so that it becomes less obvious.

If you do want to download the Tesla documents you can actually find them online at websites such as Amazon. His documents are not keep in confidential files in an underground government bunker and they can be purchased online; however, they aren’t available from the Tesla Blueprint website. The eBook in this product teaches you how to create a magnet motor, but it will never be strong enough to power an entire home. I built one for myself to see how strong it could be and it wasn’t even strong enough to power my television set. The Tesla Blueprint product generated barely enough power to make a lightbulb function properly.

Save the $47 that you would spend on this product and take a look at the green energy products that we have written good reviews for in our Good Reviews  section. In the Tesla Blueprint eBook you will find more information about Tesla’s life and history than the actual generator. The eBook is 109 pages, but don’t let this fool you; it’s padded with useless images, diagrams that make no sense and advertising for other types of alternate green energy for home products such as solar panels.

Stay away from this product at all costs; it deserves its spot in our list of scams.

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