What is Separate The Scams?

Separate The Scams is a group of writers who test products and services for you so that you know which are scams and which are legitimate.

How do I request a product review?

From the bottom of the home page you will be able to enter the product you want us to review. Please enter your email address, name, the products name and website.

How can I read the previous reviews posted?

Every positive review can be found in the GOOD REVIEWS section and those which have been determined to be scams can be found in the SCAMS section.

How can I be sure that the product reviews arent biased?

We don’t accept money for reviews so it would be at our disadvantage to provide you with biased reviews. Our one and only goal is to give you honest reviews at all times.

Is there a fee for requesting a product review?

There is absolutely no fee for requesting reviews! In fact, the entire fee is free of cost unless you wish to donate.

Where can I get the latest updates about new product reviews?

The best way to stay updated is to subscribe to our newsletter. Each week subscribers receive an email with the new product reviews along with bonus information. You can subscribe to our website from the sidebar or homepage.