Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Another ‘get rich quick’ scheme has been floating around the web recently and its name is Coffee Shop Millionaire. At first glance it seems legit, especially if you have taken a look at the various Coffee Shop Millionaire reviews online. Many of the existing reviews give it a decent grade because of the actual content that this product contains.

The truth is, the Coffee Shop Millionaire product contains helpful information on how to start up various online businesses. The information given can be found in various formats including videos, interviews with successful affiliate marketers, tutorials and step by step guides on how to get started. This information seems good, but in reality the information delivers nothing that was initially promised.

The landing page has nothing but fake promises along with overuse of hype tactics so that members will hopefully sign up. The product costs $37 and if you leave the page you will be offered a $10 discount. $27 seems like a very decent amount of money to pay and if that were the price for all of the material you get then it would truly be worth it. However, Coffee Shop Millionaire reviews don’t tell you about the hidden fees, but we will. Once you purchase this product, you are told that you will have to pay an additional $147 in order to access it in its entirety.

By this point most people will probably realize that they just spent $37 on a fraud product and turn around, but some go ahead and pay the other amount. Don’t pay the $147! This isn’t a turnkey system and you won’t be making ClickBank profits like they show you. Coffee Shop Millionaire gives you details on how you can eventually make a low income career after spending months and even years of hard work.

This product made it to our list of scams because it has fraud written all over it from the moment you stumble upon the intro video. We tried it and actually applied the lessons for a few weeks with still no success. If we can’t make this program work then someone with no internet knowledge will certainly struggle.

The main way to make money with this system is by building an email database and promoting your affiliate links through these emails. They show you a few tricks on how to build your email list, but once you again you will have to spend months of working 80 hours a week in order to make a small income. Once the full payment is made you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own website from their domain company.

Coffee Shop Millionaire has to be avoided; there are so many trustworthy products out there that you need to avoid this scam no matter how great the landing page seems to be. Check out our products section to find a list of legitimate products that help you build an online business.

view the Coffee Shop Millionaire official website.

Here are some legitimate alternatives:

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15 Responses to “Coffee Shop Millionaire Review”

  1. Kim

    So what programs are legit?

    • Hello Kim,

      Please see our GOOD REVIEWS section it’s loaded with legitimate products.

  2. Gerard

    Thank you so much, I nearly bought another shiny object.

  3. Pat

    Thanks for the information. I sent about 1 hour with this rep last evening and as she continued I felt a very un-easy feeling about this product. Boy am I glad I let my gut control. Thank for all your words of wisdom

  4. Nada

    thankyou this is helpful information. They make you want to buy into their system its very convincing even though i read a couple of bad reviews. Thankyou so lucky i read this first.

  5. JD

    Thanks, I almost bought this. They are very good salespeople.

  6. Denise

    I actually bought the 37.00, how or can I get my money back?

    • Hello Denise,

      The only way to get back your money is to contact there support staff.

      • rebecca

        hello i have been sucked in!
        im having touble getting in contact with the support any suggestions?

  7. observer

    okay, so the mistake the viewers of this coffe shop scam article are making is that they NEVER TRIED THE PRODUCT. All of you are blinding trusting the word of the authors of this article, the administrators. They say they tried it, and you guys believe it. They may have tried some of it, and not all; there is no way to know how much or little they tried for how long. You guys need to think more about this; the program offers to refund your purchases for up to 60 days; so if ur not lazy, you may be able to pull it off

  8. Jason

    Do NOT Sign up for the Coffee Shop Millionaire UNLESS You Want Your Information SOLD TO MULTIPLE SOLICITATION LISTS. Stay Away & Do NOT Give them your credit card or phone number. Coffee Shop Millionaire is a scam!!!

    You will get multiple calls each day from telemarketers trying to rip you off with making money online SCAMS.

  9. Monica

    This system works…takes about 3hrs initially then about 30mins or more perday pending on the income you desire bringing in. Check out a link to my sight below. FREE startup. No Hidden fees. No hidden cost.

  10. Jay jay

    Anything that will ask for money is now READ is not FREE 1 cent from anyone would make
    It by contract binding.
    If I had a great deal making money I would bind them to a contract , And no big charge from me or my team until they saw the money come in.
    Other than this making money crap asking for credit card Ect Money back Ect.
    It’s a scam Banks years ago would go as far as a hand shake but now, It’s all about Money

    This is only the Truth I will be bashed on the comment but truth hurts to the scammers.

    Good Luck All.


  11. Aleshia

    Is there any who tried this and actually making Any money

  12. Marshall David WahlstromHelgren

    Could someone please explain how to get a refund from Coffee Shop Millionaire?

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